Story Money Impact is a Canadian not-for-profit Foundation that seeks to increase connections between those passionate about the power of art for positive social change. Founded by Tracey Friesen, its main goals are to advance research and education around media impact, and to bridge the philanthropic and media communities. Bringing together storytellers, funders and activists is not only beneficial for each of them, but for our society as a whole. 


Filmmakers, creators, public sector journalists - they all have pressing needs.  With better access to partners, resources & distribution opportunities, the reach of their stories will be amplified.  


Philanthropists, foundations, social investors, ethical brands - they too have needs. By collaborating with mission-aligned artists & groups, the increased impact of their money will be measurable.  


Charitable organizations, NGOs, change-makers - they have important needs as well. With more compelling narrative tools and better strategies, the outcome of their campaigns will improve.