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Good Pitch Summer Vibes at The Notional Space

Please RSVP and join us for a good ol' Good Pitch fundraiser at the Notional Space loft.

This is a chance for all our supporters, fans, and community to come together and have a fantastic evening.  After all, Good Pitch is all about community and growing our networks!

There will be a basket where you can toss donations (your evening spending money) or cheques or pledges for larger donations which reward you back with a tax receipt. We're still playfully raising money to launch the next Good Pitch Vancouver program to support more courageous documentary films to do good work in our communities.

If you can’t attend, know that we’ll miss you! You can still donate at this link and receive an emailed tax receipt.

Corrina Keeling and Tonye Aganaba are providing smooth, feel-good tones to nourish your souls.

Ernest's ice cream is providing cool yummy locally made ethically sourced joy in the form of ice cream.

Yes, this is sweet summertime!

Click here to RSVP.