Story Money Impact: Funding Media for Social Change

by Tracey Friesen



Authored by Tracey Friesen, this book is a practical guide for media-makers, funders, and activists who share the common goal of creating an impact with their work.  Today, social-issues storytellers are sharpening their craft, while funders with finite resources focus on reach, and strategic innovators bring more robust impact evaluation tools.  Friesen illuminates the spark at the core of these three pursuits.

Structured around stories from the frontlines, this book reveals best practices in the fields of documentary, independent journalism and digital content. Practitioners and students of media, as well as those who may finance or employ it for social activism, will gain practical know-how and inspiration. 

  • Twenty-one stories from people behind such powerful works as CITIZENFOURThe Corporation, Virunga, Being Caribou, Age of Stupid, and Food Inc.

  • Six key story ingredients for creating compelling content.

  • Six possible money sources for financing your work.

  • Six impact outcome goals to further your reach.

  • Seven practical worksheets for your own projects.

Friesen provides the research, roadmap and tools for this transformative and exciting new space. An essential and compelling read.
— Chris McDonald, President, Hot Docs


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Friesen deftly guides a meditation on the transformative influence that film can play in steering and affirming positive change in the world...
— Ross McMillan, President & CEO Tides Canada
Fresh, authentic, and experiential, this book is an asset to every filmmaker who wants to make media that matters.
— Patricia Aufderheide, Professor at American University and founder of the Center for Media & Social Impact
Her own credentials, being without question, are complimented by a stellar cast of contributors.
— Valerie Creighton, President and CEO, Canada Media Fund
By book’s end, filmmaker and funder alike will have a good sense of the conversations taking place around funding films for social change.
— Anne Watson, Vancouver Observer