Over the six month program, selected filmmaking teams receive mentorship, exposure and professional development. This includes two intensive development workshops - an impact campaign lab after project selection and a pitch lab just before the live event. 

Meanwhile, over a three to four month period, the GPV team works with you completely gratis.  We do research and outreach that aligns with your impact strategy. We will collaborate with you to identify the best partners and advocates for your project from across civil society, here in Canada and beyond. Once identified, we will work hard to get them to attend the live event.   They can then see your pitch, meet you in person and pledge support in whatever way is possible for them. We’ve seen free flights from region specific airlines, screenings for provincial legislatures, individual donations, millennial ambassadors to online communities, sizable grants, pro-bono digital services, personal apologies to affected parties - and that’s just at one Good Pitch Vancouver!


Good Pitch Vancouver will select up to five Canadian social justice and environmental documentaries already in production in Canada, which have the potential to become significant tools for social change.  We welcome long form (60+ mins) documentary films of any style - personal, observational, investigative, essays, character driven, cinema verité...  

Films must have secured funding and be well underway (ideally in post production of final phase of shooting). Good Pitch Vancouver does not facilitate any production financing, instead we focus only on amplifying the reach of films once complete.


We can't promise to connect filmmakers to campaign funding. We can promise to work diligently to help develop your impact ideas, research the landscape, and connect you to a global community of like-minded filmmakers and therefore to a world of potential partners and advocates.

If money is secured, it will be directed toward your outreach and impact work only.  Again, we are not involved in raising funds for production or completion financing.


Filmmakers should demonstrate commitment to outreach goals and audience engagement ambitions, and have a high quality creative project to achieve those. Teams who are looking for partners and collaborators to make their documentaries truly influential - and not just commercially successful - are our target. We also are interested in films who have, or are willing to engage, an Impact Producer to support the successful delivery of your campaign. 


The application process is online. You will be asked to declare that the film is owned and controlled by Canadians. This means more than a film about Canadians or with just one Canadian on the crew!  We ask a series of project and crew questions, plus for a trailer or short key sequence.  

You must also record and upload a 2-minute video of yourself, telling us why you are driven to make this film and what you hope it achieves. The video can be very rough, even recorded on a cellphone in a single take. We simply want to meet you and hear what you've got to say. Easy! 

To finalise our selection, we enlist industry reviewers in our jury process who have experience in the field of using films for social impact. You will need to give consent for your project to be viewed by external parties.


Good Pitch holds events across the world and the program is customized for each territory. Good Pitch Vancouver accepts only films that are owned and controlled by Canadian parties. Here’s a quick cheat:  If your film is eligible for a CAVCO number (Canadian Audio-Visual Certification Office), then you’re good to apply!

Applying for Good Pitch is free as is participation in the six month program, however travel and accommodation costs are the responsibility of filmmakers. The director and producer (at a minimum) will be required to be in Vancouver twice, once for the Impact Lab Nov 1-3, 2019, and again for the Pitch Lab and Event Day Feb 28 - Mar 4, 2020. There are no fees to attend, but travel and accommodation costs are not covered, nor are you paid to be there.  Should our full fundraising goals be met, we may be in a position to help with some related travel costs, but please be ready to cover your own. 

If your project is selected we simply ask you to acknowledge our efforts by including 'with thanks to Good Pitch Vancouver' and logo in the closing credits.