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Good Pitch brings together documentary filmmakers with foundations, NGOs, campaigners, philanthropists, policymakers, brands and media around leading social and environmental issues - to forge coalitions and campaigns that are good for all these partners, good for the films and good for society.  It was created by the DocSociety (formerly BritDoc) in the United Kingdom in 2008, and has since been to more than fifteen countries.

Story Money Impact is the Canadian producer of the Good Pitch program in Canada.


The Films

Good Pitch Vancouver 2018

Good Pitch Vancouver selects five Canadian environmental and social justice documentaries in production in Canada that have the potential to become significant social change campaigns. The issues are diverse and powerful, ranging from global issues to the deeply personal.

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With Corporate Social Responsibility programs and Shared Value initiatives, corporations now proclaim they are more caring and conscientious.  Has the psychopath just become more charming?



At the intersection of art and science, Anthropocene: The Human Epoch witnesses, in an experiential sense, a critical moment in geological history – delivering a provocative and unforgettable account of our species’ breadth and impact.



Alarmed by the rising number of women in prison worldwide, three filmmakers ask a group of women in prison to imagine a radically different kind of society that supports and nurtures – instead of punishing – the most vulnerable among us.



For the past twelve years the Klabona Keepers have blockaded roads, shut down camps, and created such immense public pressure that not one, but two massive mining companies have pulled their mining operations from the region.  This is the story of a community protecting their land.



The Dengs and their personal journey expose the vulnerability to mental illness that the act of immigration creates.  Their negotiations with their relationship, different cultures, grief and family penetrate to the heart of the immigrant experience.


The Impact Lab

The five films selected for the Good Pitch Vancouver 2018 program participated in the Impact Lab to develop a customized strategy for their films, influenced by the issue they are covering. Using tried and true methods developed by the Doc Society, the participants were encouraged to think beyond traditional funding and distribution models. The focus was on how to get the film out to communities who need to see it, and how to create alliances to connect to changemakers that are relevant to the content of the film.


After the Impact Lab


During and after the Impact Lab, each film team creates clear and concrete impact goals that organically arise from their film.  Good Pitch Vancouver helps each film team build a succinct two page package to go out to potential partners with a strategy that ranges from short to long term goals, from local to global impact all tailored to the scope of the film.


Equally important is figuring out who those potential partners are. By reading literature and reports from issue experts, trawling current news and tailored searches, and exploring networks, the Good Pitch Vancouver outreach team generates thousands of possible partners that are all highly aligned to at least one film.


The Outreach team at Good Pitch contacts all of these varied individuals and organizations - NGOs, foundations, academics, journalists, corporations, philanthropists, government agencies - and tells them of the unique opportunity to meet other stakeholders in their issues-ecosystem, and how they can help by attending Good Pitch and pledging their support to a film and its cause.


Pitch Lab

The film teams meet again after months of strategizing, research and outreach to develop their pitches for the event. The invited partners are revealed to the film teams, and each team presenting several drafts of their pitches. Collectively the filmmakers discuss and give feedback to each other on their messaging, potential miscommunication, and effect, writing furiously until they have a polished and clear message that can change the world.


Event Day

On the day of Good Pitch, the filmmakers present their pitch one by one. After their presentation, a round-table of potential partners each makes a pledge to the filmmakers based on the resources and ability of their organization. The foundation for a campaign is laid.



At the Table

At each filmmaking team’s table is seated a strategically chosen group of potential partners, contacted by the Good Pitch outreach team because of the work they are already doing in the issues environment the film is set in. The potential partners are from all different sectors of civil society. The moderator directs a discussion to build a coalition of partners that will offer support and funding to magnify the impact of each documentary project. An academic may pledge to provide their research to the film team, an NGO may pledge to distribute that research to their network, or a political staffer may pledge to schedule a meeting with higher levels of government.

In the Audience

Good Pitch is an invitation-only event. Every attendee has been researched and personally contacted by the outreach team to create a high-level event at the intersection of industry and philanthropy, private and public, and corporate to grassroots. 200 potential new partners also have the opportunity to contribute from the floor and bring something unique to each project, including experts, educators, campaigners, non-profits, philanthropists, government… and more.



The inaugural Good Pitch Vancouver took 5 films and invited 205 representatives from 136 different organizations across Canada, the US, and Europe. On November 7th, 2018 more than 239 pledges and partnerships were ignited with the aim of enriching the lives of individuals, transforming communities and tackling some of the most urgent issues today.

More than $151,400 was raised for the impact campaigns.

Since 2008, over 400 film teams have pitched at Good Pitch.  During that time, more than 3200 organisations from across civil society have attended a flagship Good Pitch event to learn about the films and to think about how they could partner with those projects. 94% of attendees recommend participating in a Good Pitch. In eight years, over 1600 extraordinary strategic partnerships have been brokered at flagship Good Pitch live events, connecting filmmakers directly with new partners from the NGO, governmental, foundation, and philanthropic sectors.


2018 Annual Report

Thank you to our funders and partners for supporting Good Pitch Vancouver 2018.