Our Vision

Now we have the opportunity to do our own mobilizing for justice and change.


My name is Sue Biely and I have the great fortune of being the Executive Producer of Good Pitch Vancouver.

I was gifted this opportunity to bring Good Pitch to Canada by my friend and colleague Tracey Friesen. Tracey had discovered Good Pitch as this international phenomenon, and she set up this non-profit called Story Money Impact as this big aspirational move. Then she handed it to me and said, "Run with it." So I did.

Tracey and I were walking along Spanish Banks when Tracey looked me in the eye and challenged me to take on bringing Good Pitch to Canada. From that moment, it was only a matter of weeks before I was in Jakarta for the first ever Good Pitch Southeast Asia. In that room in Jakarta that it became absolutely clear to me that Canada needed this program.

Now we have the opportunity to do our own mobilizing for justice and change. This is the magic of the Good Pitch Program.

To allow this to happen in Canada, there are some people and partners I have to give serious thanks to. Tracey Friesen and the board of the Story Money Impact non-profit including our chair and champion, Liz Shorten.

Story Money Impact is the organization that produced this programme in Canada under the tutelage and guidance of DocSociety in the UK, the founding organization behind Good Pitch. They are incredible visionaries.

To our funders - Canadian Media Producers Association BC, CBC, Telefilm Canada, British Council of Canada, Creative BC, InSpirit Foundation, Mindset Foundation, Vancity Community Foundation, HCMA Architecture + Design, City of New Westminster, and PriceWaterhouseCoopers - thank you for making this possible.

And so too to our founding donors circle, the bold and generous philanthropists who came forward to meet the funding we needed to make this happen.

What is Good Pitch Vancouver all about? It's about community, it's about art, it's about change. I hope if you attended, or will attend, that you not only have moments that move you and inspire you, but you walk away today thinking

"Why don't we get together in a room and support each other more often?

It's a really cool way to spend a day."


Sue Biely
Executive Producer