Funding Media for Social Change"  

"...a practical guide for media-makers, funders and activists who share the common goal of creating an impact with their work... Structured around stories from the frontlines, STORY MONEY IMPACT reveals best practices in the areas of documentary, digital content, independent journalism."  

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Tracey Friesen, a 25+ year veteran of Vancouver's film industry, launched Story Money Impact in the summer of 2014.  

The initiative seeks to increase connections between those passionate about the power of art for social change. Building on a growing base of knowledge on alternative finance in the social issues media sector, the goal is to establish a sustainable support structure. Bringing together storytellers, investors and activists is not only beneficial for each of them, but for society as a whole. Given the right partnerships and resources, media can change hearts, minds, behaviours - and public policy. 


Charitable organizations, NGOs, change-makers - of course they have needs as well.

With more compelling narrative tools and better strategies, the outcome of their campaigns will improve.  


 Media for Social Change

Story Money Impact

Filmmakers, creators, animators, journalists - they all have pressing needs.  

With better access to partners, resources and distribution opportunities, the reach of their stories will be amplified.  

Philanthropists, foundations, social investors, ethical brands - they too have needs.

By collaborating with mission-aligned artists & groups, the increased impact of their money will be measurable.  

Story Money Impact is about nurturing        collaborations between            artists, funders & activists.   

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